Carnation Flowers

    Carnations are one of the most used flowers as a decoration in many places, as they are require very little care to grow properly. There are countless varieties of carnations, among which we can highlight the so-called common carnation, the Chinese carnation or the dianthus. If you also want to enjoy these beautiful plants in your home.
    Known as dianthus (dianthus caryophyllus). Carnation flowers are perennial plants for use as cut flowers. Carnations are a variety of dianthus. 3 main common species;
1. Large-Flowered Carnations ; which brandish one large flower per stem.
2. Spray Carnations ; which feature an abundance of smaller flowers. (also known as Mini Carnations)
3. Dwarf flowered Carnations ; which feature several small flowers on one stem.

Meanings of Carnations by Color

    The dianthus has been widely cultivated for more than two thousand years, based on its mention in ancient Greek texts. Pinning down its native locale is difficult, but some botanists theorize it originated somewhere in the Mediterranean. Dianthus translates from the Greek for "divine flower" while "carnation" is a Latin word meaning "crown" or "garland." Most commonly known as "flower of the Gods" and most popular cut flowers.
    Carnations have been a symbol of love for many centuries. Even its scientific name, Dianthus, means “love.” At one time, if you sent a carnation it symbolized a certain message that required a response. According to custom, if a solid-colored carnation was sent back, it meant “yes;” if a striped carnation was sent, it meant “I can’t be with you right now;” and a yellow carnation meant “no.”

Grow and Care

    It's easy to grow and take good care of carnations. While grow carnations follow these steps;
  • Planting; Carnations need excessive proportion of sunlight. According to this you need choose its place carefully. If you live in cold locales, you should keep them away from the cold. It is possible to plant the carnations from seed. If you use this method then you should put the seed in the ground about 10 cm between each flower. Use a sandy type of soil and careful for it to be moist. Have a proper drainage system to ideal growing.
  • Watering; they need constant water but not much. When the hot and warm seasons come then feed the plant by using more water. Make sure the carnations are between temperatures 5°C to 15°C.
  • Fertilization; it is important to give them nutrients to the soil weekly during the summer. For the rest of the year you need to fertilize them once in a month.
  • Pruning; make sure you always leave around four nodes for new flowers to bloom and you should always leave the stem untouched.