Known as Pacific Hybrids. Common name; Hybrid Bee Delphinium. Delphinium are a classic garden perennial. These plants are excellent for adding height to small spaces. Their tall flower spikes are easily recognizable when they come into flower in summer. When in flower, the spikes of these plants become heavy and should be poled to avoid toppling over in rough weather, especially taller varieties. Newer hybrids are longer lived than some of the more traditional crops.

Meaning of Delphinium

    Generally this plant means positiveness. This flowers suited for achieving goals, expanding options, attracting opportunities. For those who beginning a new business then delphiniums are the glamorous flowers to support and good luck.
    The other meaning of this flower is celebrating the bright side of life.
With these meanings, it makes sense that delphiniums are a suited flower gift to celebrate any occasion.
    These blooms mean openness to new feelings and emotions. These are the ideal flowers to express romance.

Meaning of Delphinium by Color

  • Blue; Grace and dignity. Other meanings of blues include trust, new life, remembrance. The lighter ones mean; youth and success. It is an exclusive gift for supporting.
  • Purple; Represents beauty and royalty. It is an ideal gift for appreciation.
  • White; Purity and innocence. They also symbolize spirituality. These flowers are the ideal gifts for celebrating weddings, baptism, newborn baby.
  • Pink; Love and romance. Give this flower as a gift on Valentine's day, birthday, anniversary or give this flower to someone you truly have feelings for. Another meaning for this color is birth and new life.

Symbolism of Delphinium

    500 known species and countless hybrids with different flower colors, the associated symbolism can vary. Delphinium flowers, in general, share common symbolism. They represent lightness, joy, fun, and happiness. A delphinium flower also represents positive communication and interactions.
    People used its flowers against evil spirits and negative things in history. Which is why they're also symbolizes protection.
Since delphiniums are commonly available in a deep blue color, they have been used in commemoration of lost loved ones. They are also a symbol of love as they allow people to express emotions.
    Giving a bouquet of delphiniums is one way to tell someone how you feel or express support, gratitude, or appreciation.

    Another origin of delphinium comes from Greek mythology. According to a legend, the delphinium flower bloomed from the blood of Greek god Aias (or Ajax) as he was killed during the Trojan war. Written on the petals are the letters ‘Ai’ or ‘alas’ in Greek.
    Delphiniums are recognized for their tall stature that makes them an excellent perennial border. Because of this, they are also often referred to as the "Queen of the Border."

Grow and Care

    Usually, delphiniums are relatively easy to grow but can be moderately tricky to maintain.

  • Planting; this plant prefer fertile, well-drained, and medium moisture soil in full sun to light shade. Plant them in places that protect them from strong winds. Planting requires spring and space between the flowers. Be sure about top of roots covered with soil.
  • Watering; Regular watering is generally enough for delphiniums. Needs well drained place for crown and roots not to rot.
  • Fertilization; Delphiniums are known as heavy feeders. That's why they should be fed at least twice a week. First in early spring and another later in season.