Devil's Ivy plant

Devil’s Ivy Plant

    Known as Pothos plant.
    It is often said that if you cannot grow the devil’s ivy aka pothos plant, you might need to give up on gardening.
  • Common name: Devil’s Ivy, Pothos, Devil's Vine, Golden Plant
  • Scientific name: Epipremnum Aureum

     Devil’s ivy plant is a fast grower and can be grown under any condition, including a dark room. The plant is a climber that can grow to about 25 cm or longer.

Meaning of  Devil's Ivy By Color

  • White: Purity, Freshness, Simplicity, Goodness, Faith, Believe
  • Yellowish: Happiness, Young and Positive Life, Power, Self Confidence, Aggressiveness

Symbolism of Devil's Ivy

    Spiritual meaning is wealth. It can change better fortune. Pothos is a symbol of "Luck, Prosperity."
    It also known as money plant. If can grow outside the house; it tells the situation of family wealth; devil’s ivy grows inside, then it brings lots of wealth in smaller steps. But if it stops to grow, then you need time to make things right for good fortune.
     Due to their growth habits, they also symbolize determination and the concept of eternal life.

Feng Shui

     Pothos plants are believed to bring good luck and financial prosperity. To Feng Shui principles, the pothos can clean out your home of negative energy.

Grow and Care

  • Planting; prefers bright and indirect sun. If you place it in low sun it can handle it more then rest of this kind of plants. However it can not be able tolerate full sun or utter darkness.
  • For potting: The most important soil criteria is that it must be well-draining soil. The soil should be able to retain water to keep moist.
  • Watering; it takes a little water for the roots because the devil's ivy has shallow root. The plant requires often watering especially during growth period. Before watering again make sure that it is dry. Pothos are required slightly high humidity places.
  • Fertilization; Pothos can grow properly without fertilizer. Be aware of not to fertilize it on winter or cold. If you want you can feed plant with liquid fertilizers for houseplants.
  • Pruning; prune your plant to control its form over the year. Occasionally it will send out vines that look a bit bare except for foliage at the very bottom that is why pruning those will make your plant pleasing.