Leucadendron (Safari Sunset)

Leucadendron (Leucadendron salignum)

    Known as "Safari Sunset" and "Conebush". Leucadendrons are stunningly colorful plants. Its native is South Africa but if you want to grow it, Leucadendrons are capable of grow almost anywhere. They known by their bright colors.

Meaning of Leucadendron

    The most common known meaning is "Simple Beauty". They are often used to convey an appreciation for simplicity in life. They may also be used after another type of loss has occurred in life.
    The generic name Leucadendron means "white tree".

Symbolism of Leucadendron

    Symbolic meaning is one of paying a compliment to someone. The flower can symbolize a compliment on beauty or a job well done.
    The pink and red colors can also be taken to symbolize passion. This meaning can lead romantic arrangements.
    Leucadendron also means a "simple love of beauty".
    They may be used when someone has suffered a loss of a loved one.

Grow and Care

  • Planting; The plant requires full sun and well-drained soil. The quality of soil is not important. It needs mulch to cool root run. Stake young plants until root systems develop.

    Temperature is an important factor in getting Leucadendron to flower. Leucadendron likes a large temperature difference between day and night. It can not tolerate cold or winter. The sunniest spot should be used. Windy locations can often lead to better and sturdier plant growth.

  • Watering; Drainage is important when raising Leucadendron. Water only in long dry spells. Soil that remains moist for too long can cause rotting problem. Soil that dries out can also cause wilting or drooping.
  • Fertilization; It is not required fertilize often. Do not fertilize unless it is a no phosphate fertilizer. Feeding is generally not necessary after they have been established. It is recommended that the plant have compost around it as well.
  • Pruning; it has 2 types of flower, so they need to pruned differently. However the general rule is to prune regularly from a young age.

Single flower types;

    Prune for the first season. After that prune as if you were picking long stemmed flowers

Multi Flower Types;

    Prune as if you were cutting long stemmed clusters of flowers.