• Family: Rosacea
  • Genus: Rosa
  • Plant Type: Perennial

    The Rose can grown in individual stalks, shrubs, and climbing, or trailing. It is one of the most popular flowers in the world.
    Simple beauty; there’s no better way to send a heart-gain message than the rose. It helps you to make a wow impression.
    These flowers are a symbolization of romance around the world.

Meaning and Symbolism of Rose

    This flower generally means have love and impression for someone, and use for show that love to the One.
    The long cultural history of the Rose has led to it being used often as a symbol of love and power. In ancient Greece, the rose was closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite. In the Iliad, Aphrodite protects the body of Hector using the “immortal oil of the rose.”

Some Varieties of Roses

    Roses come in countless varieties, these include both naturally occurring species as well as many cultivated varieties.
  1.     Hybrid tea
  2.     Grandi-flora
  3.     Flori-bunda
  4.     Polyantha
  5.     David Austin
  6.     Miniature
  7.     Knock Out
  8.     Climbing
  9.     Ground cover

Meaning of Rose By Color

  • White; Guide, Purity, Chasity, Innocence
  • Ivory; Charm, Luxury, Elegance, Grace
  • Yellow; Friendship, Care, Remembrance
  • Peach; Modesty, Genuineness, Sympathy
  • Orange; Passion, Desire, Fierce Love, Energy, Family
  • Pink; Sweetness, Admiration, Joy
  • Red; Perfection, Ultimate Love, Passion
  • Lavender; Majesty, Fascination, Splendor
  • Green; Harmony, Peace and Health, Opulence, Fertility, Best Wish, Good Health
  • Blue;  Mystery, Illusion, Unattainable Love, Desire
  • Black; Death, Elusiveness, Farewell
  • Brown; Purity, Cleanness
  • Grey; Understanding
  • Multicolored; Fun - great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby
  • Mixed-colors; Mixing pink and green roses symbolize gentleness and harmony. Mixing red and ivory roses mean your love is intense and tasteful.

Meaning of Roses By Numbers

  • Single Rose ; love at first sight
  • 2 Roses ; eternal love for
  • 3 Roses ; I Love You
  • 4 Roses ; nothing can remain in your way
  • 5 Roses ; express feelings to a friend or partner
  • 6 Roses ; to say to your crush, “I want to be yours”
  • 9 Roses ; everlasting love, express your desire to spend the rest of your life with your loved one
  • 10 Roses ; express how perfect someone’s love is
  • 11 Roses ; to say "You're the most loved in my life"
  • 12 Roses ; togetherness, mutual love
  • 13 Roses ; secret love
  • 15 Roses ; expresses regret for upsetting them
  • 20 Roses ; true love for someone special
  • 24 Roses ; to say " Remembering everything with love"
  • 25 Roses ; sending family and friends to applaud them on their achievements
  • 33 Roses ; to say "fell in love with you deeply"
  • 36 Roses ; feeling romantic
  • 44 Roses ; to promise never to change
  • 50 Roses ; expressing your boundless love for someone extraordinary
  • 56 Roses ; to say "my love"
  • 66 Roses ; togetherness in lo successfully
  • 99 Roses ; to say "mutual understanding makes love eternal"
  • 100 Roses ; a couple meant to be together forever
  • 101 Roses ; only you
  • 108 Roses ; will you marry me?
  • 111 Roses ; eternal in love
  • 123 Roses ; free in love
  • 144 Roses ; to say " i will love you night and day forever"
  • 365 Roses ; to say "i think of you every day"
  • 999 Roses ; never ending, eternal love
  • 1001 Roses ; loyal lover forever

  • 1 dozen ; A dozen roses traditionally send a message of love and gratitude. As the significance of a dozen roses has become more prevalent, it has become the standard for rose arrangements for all occasions. When giving a dozen roses you are conveying the message “Be mine” or “I love you.”
  • 2 dozen ; With double the number of roses than a traditional dozen, a bouquet of two dozen roses carries double the meaning! Two dozen roses as a romantic gift say “I belong to you.” For other occasions, two dozen roses add to the extravagance of the gift.
  • Long Stemmed ; Long-stemmed roses carry deep meaning and are often the most desired and appreciated type of rose. A bouquet of long-stemmed roses signifies, “I will remember you always.” A single long-stemmed rose imparts a message of simplicity, such as “I love you deeply.”
  • Petite ; The petite roses are known for their miniature blooms, but their smaller size does not lessen their significance or their impact. Petite roses are also known as “sweetheart” roses. As their name implies, these roses are a symbol of affection perfect for a sweetheart. Petite roses are also more economical and can be re-potted and pruned for longevity.


Grow and Care

  • Planting; start with roots first, place them in the pre-excavated hole. Then fill the hole partially with the soil mixture and add a slow-release fertilizer. Roses love daylight 6 to 8 hours per day. Its soil should be well-drained and be rich in organic matter. Roses do not like wet. Be aware of much sunlight, protect the flower heat as afternoon sun. Planting should be done when the winter and coldness gone. Bare root roses should be plant only in early spring. If you’re planting several rose bushes together, space them for the proper growth.
  • Watering; when the plant is on growth period, keep it moist evenly. Watering requires per peek for the flower.If soil is too sandy then needs more water. Also if you are in hot and dry places, you need to water more. Avoid remain the soil wet.
  • Fertilization; It needs fertilize regularly. Monthly applications of compost and organic and natural fertilizers.
  • Pruning; Over pruning is not recommended, but this way of prune almost can not be able to kill your plant. Major pruning should be done in early spring. Remove any dead, damaged or color changed bushes for all kind of roses. If rose bushes are self cleaning then deadheading is no required. Its blooms will drop by itself.