• Scientific name: Scabiosa Caucasica
  • Family: Caprifoliaceae
  • Nick name: Pincushion Flower
  • Plant Type: Perennial

    Scabiosa, also known as Pincushion flower, has an adorable flower that is shaped just like a pin cushion. The blooms appear to be covered with tiny pins with beaded heads, just like the pins in an old fashioned pincushion. Learn how to grow scabiosa, and enjoy these sweet blooms in your own garden.

Meaning of Scabiosa

    The genus name comes from the Latin word “scabies”, meaning “the itch” because the plant was believed to cure scabies, a highly contagious parasitic skin infection caused by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei.
    The common name “Pincushion Flower” refers to the appearance of the flower. The center of the flower resembles a pincushion, while the stamens in the center look like pins.

    Meaning of Purple Scabiosa: Admiration, Success, Romance. However, in Thailand, the color symbolizes mourning and sorrow and is often worn during funeral services.

Symbolism of Scabiosa

The flower symbolizes sorrow in Thailand. Other symbolic meanings of pincushion flower;

Varieties of Scabiosa

1. Black Knight: A varietal flowers with prominent white stamens.
2. Butterfly Blue: A popular wedding varietal with flowers that are more lavender than true blue.
3. Fama White: A varietal that thrives in cooler weather and larger, white flowers.
4. Pink Mist: A feminine varietal with flowers that are pink and near-translucent.
Scabiosa Caucasica : The Perennial Pincushion
Scabiosa Atropurpurea : The Annual Pincushion

Grow and Care

    Scabiosa plants are exceedingly easy to care for, as long as you provide them with enough light and well-draining soil.
  • Planting; Best planting is in the early summer. It likes full sun. Plant your scabiosa in a spot that plenty of sunlight per day, at least 6 to 8 hours. Likes moist, well drained soil. Be aware of not to keep it wet, it turns the flower perennial to annual.
  • Watering; Scabiosa needs water weekly around 2.5 cm, when it is young and establishing its roots. After this period, the flower can handle slight drought. Don't forget if the weather is hot then they need more water.
  • Fertilization; Pincushion flowers are light feeders and can do well without being treated with fertilizer. If you want to fertilize your plant, you can feed your scabiosa bimonthly with a balanced flower fertilizer during their growing season.
  • Pruning; Deadheading will help to promote more flowers, as the plants will not be sending energy to the developing seed pods. An exception to this would be if you were growing Scabiosa Stellata for it’s seed pods. In this case do not deadhead, but rather allow the seed pods to fully develop.