Wattle Flower

    Mostly known as the golden wattle. This flower is in Australia's national floral emblem. The perfect symbol of the Australian spirit.
  • Scientific name: Acacia pycnantha
  • Family: Fabaceae

Acacia’s crystal connections; Yellow fluorite, Honey Calcite, Citrine, Amber

Meaning of Wattle

    The wattle flower means renewal, fortitude and pureness. It is an emblem for immortality of the human soul. It appears various rituals like funerals services as a reminder that soul is energy.

Symbolism of Wattle

    It is symbolic for the Australian spirit.
Symbolic means;
  1. Diligence
  2. Safety
  3. Devotion
  4. Adulation
  5. Autonomy
  6. Immortality
  7. Protection from spirits
  8. Renewal
  9. Wholesomeness
  10. Endurance

Meaning of Wattle By Color

  • Yellow; Positivity, Pleasure, Spiritual enlightenment, Wisdom
  • Purple; Calmness, Prestige, Nobility, Wealth, Power, Ambition, magic, Independence, Mystery, Peace, Devotion, Grandeur, Dignity, Creativity, Extravagance
  • Red; Danger, Battle, Fire. Physical fact about this color; elevating our rate of breathing and rising blood pressure.

Some Varieties of Wattles

Cootamundra wattle - Acacia baileyana
Prickly moses wattle - Acacia verticillata
Red flowering wattle; Scarlet Blaze
Acacia cognata; Limelight, Mini Cog, Fettuccini
Acacia fimbriata; Crimson Blush
Acacia floribunda
Acacia baileyana purpurea

Common Species;
Golden Wattle
Black wattle
Cedar wattle
Cootamundra wattle
Dwarf wattle
Silver wattle
Sally wattle
                          The acacia solves all mysteries,
                          Tells my fortune while I tarry.
                           I shall ask the tree to tell me
                           Whom O whom, am I to marry?
                                                                            Hayyim Nahman BIALIK

Grow and Care

  • Planting; Wattles should be planted in full sun or part shade locations. They almost can grow in most soil types. In milder climates wattles can be planted at any time of the year. Places like hot dry summers should wait until fall or winter.
  • Watering; The flower prefers well drainage. Wattles can be regarding rainfall and humidity. When the weather is hot and dry then you should keep the flower's soil wet or humid.
  • Fertilization; The flowers are sensitive to much phosphorous and requires low nutrient. These plants can fertilized in spring or fall. But they do not rally need fertilizer, because they can fix their own nitrogen.
  • Pruning; They do not need pruning. If you want you can prune after flowering finishes.