Mosaic Floor Lamp 7 globes

Regular price $450.00

The extremely exotic Turkish mosaic floor lamp will add a different and mysterious atmosphere to your home. It will impress your guests with its dazzling lights and fascinating design.

This meticulously crafted, handmade 7-globe mosaic lamp is a must-have decor in every home for its lovers. It is also very assertive in being an unforgettable gift for your loved ones.

As Floral Gift Planet, we are proud to offer you this quality product at the most affordable price in the market.

Each lamp is made with high quality colored-itself glasses and stainless bronze material which will keep its quality forever and never fade out.

This original authentic lamp is uniquely handcrafted in Turkey, and it has an exclusive design specifically made for you with mosaic colorful glasses by experienced artisans.

Our lamps are shipped inside the original packaging and all parts are covered carefully to keep the quality

Product Dimensions 40cm (Length) x 40cm (Width)  x 150cm (Heigth)

Globe size 18cm


Note: This product is the largest size in it's class.

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